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Galactic Ruler
Galactic Lord - close up front

Galactic Lord Corset Costume

Megalomania just got sexier with this Galactic Lord Corset Costume that I made for myself! Let the heavy breathing commence :)

I made this Gallactic Lord costume as a Halloween costume for myself last year in 2009. Although I have yet to wear this to any conventions I enjoy it so much that I hope to wear it to one in the near future.

No Galactic Ruler should been seen with a purse so I created it with storage compartments in the utility belt, suitable for holding the keys to my starship and my communication device.

Only a swishy cape can make a grand entrance really grand so I also attached one to the matching shrug.

And to finish things off, I added a pair of gauntlets to fit over a pair of leather gloves.

Even when I'm not wearing it, this outfit is still loaded!

Personal Projects

I love to make costumes for myself and have listed my Personal Projects for your amusement and viewing pleasure.

Please note that this costume is not for sale. If you have a creative idea for a costume and would like me to make it for you, then please contact me via my "Custom Request" contact form.

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